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Food is as ancient and elemental as anything in life, yet food processing is continually evolving. As tastes, styles, and processing techniques change, manufacturers must keep pace. To stay current, leaders in the food and beverage industry rely on Food Processing Magazine from Putman Media. Reach Marketing puts you in touch with food processing professionals from a wide range of industries with the Food Processing Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List.
Food Processing
Featuring in-depth articles on food trends, equipment how-tos, ingredient reviews, innovative formulations, consumer insights, packaging, plant operations, and more, Food Processing Magazine is published monthly. The professionals who comprise this business mailing list, including commissary kitchen owners, production managers, plant supervisors, food scientists, industrial chefs, food safety and quality supervisors, researchers, food engineers, and c-level executives, have considerable decision-making power.

The Food Processing Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List contains more than 126,000 names and postal addresses, 75,000 phone numbers, and 43,000 email addresses to connect you with key influencers in food processing and production. This highly selectable list lets you choose segments that align with your message according to industry type, business size, job title, overall sales volume, and more.

The professionals who make up this business email list are often on the lookout for new product sources and equipment. Offers related to kitchen equipment sales and rental, ingredient supply chains, automated equipment, food-grade cleaning supplies, and small kitchen tools are just some of the messages they may find relevant. As food processing has gotten more sophisticated, these decision-makers also look for automation hardware and software to keep production lines rolling.

To manage their administrative needs, the professionals who are part of the Food Processing Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List look for office equipment, computers, and industry-specific software. Many of them travel regionally or nationally to oversee production sites; they rely on mobile technology, including tablets, smartphones, and laptop computers, to stay connected. Data plans are also of interest to them.

To learn more about the Food Processing Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List and the leaders who comprise it, talk with one of our list managers today.

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