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Custom-built components are an essential part of a host of industries from aerospace to food processing. For more than 40 years, engineers and manufacturers have attended Design-2-Part trade shows to see the design capabilities of custom builders, forging connections with the engineers and fabricators who make their work possible. With more than 67,000 postal addresses, 65,000 phone numbers, and 56,000 email addresses, the Design-2-Part Trade Show Attendees Database from Reach Marketing makes you a part of the conversation.

This business mailing list includes contact information for leaders in a wide range of industries, including aviation, automotive, electronics, and more. Business owners, c-level executives, plant managers, engineers, process designers, supervisors, and other decision-makers attend trade shows to watch engineering in action, and at Design-2-Part Trade Show, they see hundreds of suppliers showcasing their skills in design, fabrication, automation, prototypes, and full production runs of custom-built components.

The professionals who are part of the Design-2-Part Trade Show Attendees Database are always on the lookout for new sources of custom design services and components. They also look for ways to optimize their current manufacturing process, seeking new uses for by-products and tools to make their work more efficient. Offers related to manufacturing, recycling, and resource management are useful to them.

Manufacturing and design are increasingly technology-driven, which is why the professionals on this business email list look for high-tech solutions to their needs. To stay connected while away from the job site, they rely on mobile technology; they respond to offers of data plans, useful apps, and mobile hardware. On-site technology is also a necessity in the modern manufacturing facility, so decision-makers who are part of the Design-2-Part Trade Show Attendees Database are also receptive to offers related to computer hardware and software, including custom-designed solutions.

To learn more about the Design-2-Part Trade Show Attendees Database and the leaders who comprise it, talk with one of our list managers today.

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