Reach Engineers and Key Professionals in Tech-Based Sectors

Techni-ToolAs the Internet of Things becomes an increasing reality in a wide range of industries, the designers who build the infrastructure of this newly interconnected world depend on the right tools to create it. Techni-Tool supplies the equipment needed for maintenance, repair, and operations in aerospace, automotive, medical technology, bioengineering, electronics, and other vital industries.

The Techni-Tool Mail Order Buyers Business Masterfile from Reach Marketing comprises nearly 100,000 postal addresses of engineers, project supervisors, QA/QC managers, plant managers, technicians, procurement officers, and other key personnel in numerous tech-based sectors. This highly selectable business mailing list is updated quarterly, offering an opportunity to connect with industry leaders via direct mail.

For more than 50 years, Techni-Tool has provided engineers and designers with the test equipment, hand tools, ESD products, soldering supplies, electronic components, industrial supplies, and other essential items to professionals in tech-based industries. The firm has adapted to meet the changing needs of the tech sector and anticipate what’s next for tomorrow’s technicians.

The professionals who comprise the Techni-Tool Mail Order Buyers Business Masterfile hold supervisory positions and are always on the lookout for trained personnel. They respond to offers of tech certification and distance learning courses for their staff. For themselves, opportunities to learn at conferences, seminars, and trade shows are valuable; they’re receptive to event invitations and professional journal subscriptions.

As decision-makers in technology-dependent industries, these professionals are at home with technology in their personal and professional lives too. They respond to offers related to mobile technology, including apps and data plans for mobile devices. Computer hardware and software offers also get their attention. Many of these professionals also embrace technology in their off hours and are receptive to messages about home theater systems, consumer electronics, game consoles, and more.

To learn more about the Techni-Tool Mail Order Buyers Business Masterfile and the leaders who comprise it, talk with one of our list managers today.

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