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The predictions of a technology-driven 21st century are coming true. Virtually every industry has seen dramatic changes thanks to technological innovation, and the pace of that change is accelerating. To stay current and gain a competitive edge, professionals in the tech sector rely on Electronic Products magazine from AspenCore. Reach Marketing puts you in touch with the hardware architects, software developers, IT directors, CIOs, CISOs, aerospace and military contractors, QA/QC professionals, and other technology-driven leaders who comprise the Electronic Products Magazine Subscriber Business Mailing List.

With nearly 200,000 postal addresses, 169,000 phone numbers, and over 100,000 email addresses, this business mailing list contains vital data about some of the most influential professionals in tech-related industries today. They turn to Electronic Products magazine to get the latest on CAD/CAM applications, computer components, software, ICs, data storage, electronic subassemblies, and more. The magazine gives them insight into industry topics with in-depth feature articles, expert reviews, and new product alerts. The product-oriented publication is published monthly.

The professionals who are part of the Electronic Products Magazine Subscriber Business Mailing List work in a wide range of industries, but they share some common goals. As many of them hold supervisory or executive positions, they have a strong interest in certification and training programs for their organizations’ personnel. Trade show and conference invitations, industry journal subscriptions, and distance-learning opportunities also help them develop a more knowledgeable and skilled work force. Offers related to training and education get their attention.

Technology is more than just a workplace necessity to the professionals on this business mailing list; it’s an integral part of their lives. Offers of smartphone apps, high-end consumer electronics, data plans, computers, software, and electronic gadgets appeal to them. Computer components for self-built systems and custom hardware development are also of interest to the professionals on the Electronic Products Magazine Subscriber Business Mailing List, many of whom prefer to build what they need from scratch.

100% of the active magazine subscribers to Electronic Products are verified and audited by AAM annually. As a product oriented publication, Electronic Products attracts active buyers of computers, software, IC’s, interconnects, CAD/CAM/CAE systems, power supplies, electronic subassemblies, avionics, marine, space and military equipment, test and measurement equipment, communications systems equipment and more.

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