Reach Design and Development Engineers

Reach Design and Development Engineers

Technology-based careers are at an all-time high, and the market’s still expanding. For electronics engineers, owners of tech sector start-ups, components manufacturers, software and hardware designers, QA/QC managers, and other influential professionals in technology-driven industries, that means competition. The Electronic Products/AspenCore Business Mailing List from Reach Marketing gives these industry leaders a competitive edge. With access to this list, you can connect with key decision-makers in some of today’s most expansive growth industries.

The Electronic Products/AspenCore Business Mailing List contains more than 340,000 postal addresses, over 290,000 phone numbers, and nearly 200,000 email addresses for some of the top professionals in a wide spectrum of tech-sector positions. The core of this multi-sourced, subscriber-based business mailing list is Electronic Products magazine, an industry-focused journal that keeps decision makers informed about the latest technology products, services, and news.

The professionals who comprise the Electronic Products/AspenCore Business Mailing List make key buying decisions for their organizations. They are constantly on the hunt for knowledge so they can make fully informed decisions. They respond well to offers involving further education via on-campus or distance learning, seminars, webinars, and trade shows. For many of them, training a workforce is also a primary consideration, and they’re interested in certification and training opportunities for their personnel.

In their hotly competitive industry, these professionals also rely on the latest technology to maintain their edge. Offers of productivity software; mobile apps and calculators; telecommunications plans; and other tech-focused products and services get a positive response from them. As tech-savvy professionals in a growth industry, they embrace consumer electronics and have the discretionary income to get the latest and greatest gadgets. From home theater systems to state-of-the-art gaming computers, these tech-friendly professionals are interested in learning more.

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