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The Environments for Aging MagazineWith an estimated 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day, the nation’s largest demographic group is transitioning into new phases of life that can bring new needs. One monthly publication from Emerald Expositions, Environments for Aging Magazine, provides insight into the latest news in elder care. The Environments for Aging Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List from Reach Marketing puts you in touch with decision-makers in senior living, including owners and managers of assisted-living housing; interior designers and architects who specialize in environments for seniors; memory care providers; and other professionals who are influential in creating and maintaining environments for seniors.

The Environments for Aging Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List consists of thought leaders in elder care. With more than 37,500 postal addresses, 26,000 phone numbers, and 15,000 email addresses, this business email list offers access to a highly focused market with defined segments. Reach your intended audience directly by selecting for organization type, size, position title, function, and more.

The professionals who have invested in elder care seek new ways to enhance environmental safety and comfort for the senior community they serve. Accessibility and safety products that interest them include building materials, interior design elements, monitoring systems, air purification systems, mobility assistance, and furniture.

As supplementary material for the Emerald Expositions Environments for Aging Conference, the magazine provides ongoing education, product reviews, and in-depth articles for elder care professionals. To stay current on the latest in senior care, these professionals also seek out other learning opportunities from webinars, online learning opportunities, trade shows, and conferences. Books, magazines, and other educational materials are also instrumental in helping them provide greater safety and comfort for seniors.

Professionals who are involved in elder care tend to express their compassion in other ways, including donations to non-profit and charitable organizations. They’re receptive to offers related to fund-raising and philanthropic activities, especially when these offers coincide with their professional interest in senior care.

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