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From high-tech products that are part of the Internet of Things to the latest in running shoes, technology has become an integral part of consumer goods. Meeting business leaders at the nexus of technology and business performance, Consumer Goods Technology Magazine offers insight into technology-assisted product development, production, distribution, and customer service.

The Consumer Goods Technology Magazine Subscriber Business Mailing List from Reach Marketing connects you directly to connects you directly to decision-makers in a wide range of consumer product development, manufacturing, and distribution. With more than 80,000 postal addresses, nearly 77,000 phone numbers, and 30,600 email addresses, this business mailing list is your link to c-level executives, researchers, designers, manufacturing managers, and other key professionals in the consumer products sector.

Published every month, Consumer Goods Technology Magazine is the primary source for professionals in the automotive, consumer electronics, home decor, apparel, food production, and healthcare sectors. The magazine helps executives in the consumer goods sector achieve their business goals through in-depth feature articles, benchmark analysis, reviews, and key networking opportunities. Choose your market by industry type, SIC code, company size, and other factors that let you align your message with the professionals you want to reach.

The decision-makers who comprise this business email list rely on the latest information to stay ahead of their rivals in hotly competitive industries. They’re always on the lookout for new sources of information, including trade journals, magazines, and newsletters. As many of them hold supervisory and executive positions, they also seek ways to keep their personnel well educated and highly trained. Distance learning opportunities, including certification programs and online courses, are often of interest to them.

As producers of consumer goods, these professionals also use consumer technology to stay in close contact with their teams. Mobile technology, including smartphones, tablets, data plans, and apps, get their attention. Organizational software and productivity tools help keep these busy decision-makers on track; they welcome offers that let them make the most of their time.

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