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Despite the hospitality sector’s focus on personal interactions and building relationships with customers, technology still plays an important role for leaders in the industry. From automating routine management tasks to using advanced kitchen equipment to delight diners with novel dishes, technology has an important place in hospitality. Reach Marketing brings you the Hospitality Technology Subscriber Business Mailing List to connect you with leaders in the hospitality sector.

Restaurateurs, hoteliers, spa and resort managers, casino owners, chefs, and other professionals in the hospitality and food service sector trust Hospitality Technology magazine from EnsembleIQ to give them the latest news about technological innovations designed to help them deliver outstanding customer service. With in-depth reviews, opinions from experts, and exhaustively researched reports, the magazine gives hospitality professionals an edge in a hotly competitive environment.

The Hospitality Technology Subscriber Business Mailing List reaches more than 43,000 hospitality leaders and includes over 41,000 phone numbers and 15,000 email addresses. This business mailing list is also finely segmented to let you reach precisely the markets that align with your offer. Choose target segments based on industry type, sales volume, franchise type, number of rooms, geographical location, and more.

Professionals in the hospitality sector rely on their suppliers for everything from furnishing guest rooms to equipping professional kitchens. They’re receptive to offers that relate to their niche within the hospitality industry as a whole, including table and bed linens, dining room furnishings, pool maintenance equipment, and more. Office supplies and technology to keep back-office processes running smoothly are also important to them.

For those in food and beverage service, offers from vendors who supply produce, wines, and specialty products are often of interest. Building relationships with service providers, including uniform maintenance, linen service, accounting, and others, is also essential to hospitality industry leaders. Service offers are highly relevant to the interests of the professionals on this business email list.

The decision-makers who are part of the Hospitality Technology Subscriber Business Mailing List are frequent travelers, often attending conferences, trade shows, and tastings so they can create more exciting experiences for their guests. Invitations to industry conferences, product demonstrations, and certification classes get their attention. Travel-related offers, including frequent-flyer and corporate travel club memberships, are of particular interest to them.

To learn more about the Hospitality Technology Magazine Subscriber Business Mailing List and the leaders who comprise it, talk with one of our list managers today.

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