Reach Construction Professionals

Reach Construction Professionals

Construction professionals currently face an exciting set of challenges. They need to be at the forefront of technology from innovative materials to green construction methods, and yet they must also maintain their organizations’ profitability and productivity. To meet these challenges, they rely on The Progressive Builder. Published by Progressive Media Group and brought to you by Reach Marketing, the Progressive Builder Subscriber Mailing List consists of more than 44,500 names and postal addresses, 44,300 phone numbers, and 44,000 email addresses.

This business mailing list reaches construction company owners, independent contractors, architects, materials engineers, workforce supervisors, and other key leaders in the construction sector each month. The online magazine features compelling articles, informative charts, and the latest news in quick-to-read synoptic formats for busy professionals.

Connect with the decision-makers on this business email list with direct response offers related to their work. Tools and equipment; construction materials; components; building supplies; and on-site or off-site services are ideal for the professionals who comprise the Progressive Builder Subscriber Mailing List. Because the construction industry is more reliant than ever on technology, offers related to productivity and record-keeping tools; CAS/CAM hardware and software; and business planning are also relevant to those on this business mailing list.

For thought leaders in the construction sector, education is always a valuable resource. Send them invitations to seminars, subscriptions to professional journals, and offers for online learning, and professionals who subscribe to the Progressive Builder Subscriber Mailing List respond. Taking a leadership role also means ensuring personnel are properly trained, so they also welcome offers related to certification and education for their staff.

This highly selectable business email list also gives you the opportunity to find your ideal audience with segments based on industry type, business size, job title, licenses held, geographical location, SIC code, and more. Contact Reach Marketing today to learn more about the Progressive Builder Subscriber Mailing List and discover how you can connect with leaders of today’s construction industry.

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