Reach Business Executives

Reach Business Executives

Within every multi-national corporation is the small business it once was. Small businesses account for nearly 60 percent of the privately employed work force, according to the Small Business Administration. When you connect with the owners, C-level executives, purchasing coordinators, R&D supervisors, developers, and other key personnel within a small business, you’re in touch with some of the most influential professionals in the country. With the Small Business America Subscribers Mailing List, you have access to more than 2.7 million postal addresses and phone numbers and over 1.3 million email addresses.

Small Business America provides fresh and insightful custom content to its network of decision-makers, giving them the information they need to achieve their personal and professional goals. This multi-channel list offers owners, managers, and executives working for small businesses invitations to participate in seminars, trade shows, and other events; access to an extensive library of case studies and white papers; training and certification opportunities for their personnel; insightful articles and in-depth reports; and more knowledge to help their organizations thrive.

Because small businesses are highly diverse, so are the professionals who make up the Small Business America Subscribers Mailing List. Extensive segmentation options allow users of this business mailing list to pinpoint their target audience by industry, company size, geographical location, and a host of other key demographic and firmographic categories. With regular updates and verification from the leader in the list management industry, this business email list also ensures your message gets where it needs to go, reaching leaders in today’s small business sector who could be tomorrow’s tycoons.

No matter their size, most businesses have some needs in common. They require trained personnel, office supplies, telecommunications, and a digital presence. Offers related to serving these business needs draw interest. Productivity tools, website design, marketing materials, phone plans, and technology that keeps small business owners connected with their customers get their attention.

As businesses grow, CEOs who once wore all the hats for their organization often find they’re ready to turn over responsibility to an outside service provider or hire in-house personnel. Service-related offers from bookkeeping to housekeeping find a receptive audience in this business mailing list. Specialized services relating to industry segments within the Small Business America Subscribers Mailing List are also compelling.

Shareholders, owners, and other decision-makers often have significant discretionary income and are willing to reinvest it in growth. Educational opportunities, including invitations to conferences and tradeshows, are met with interest. Equipment and process design services that promise greater effectiveness or higher efficiency capture their attention. Industry-specific offers are particularly relevant to them.

To learn more about the professionals who comprise the Small Business America Subscribers Mailing List or any of Reach Marketing’s business mailing lists, call us today and learn more about how to talk to the most influential decision-makers in the small business marketplace.

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