Quick Tip – Customer Profiling

Profiling is the practice of analyzing your customer database and using the resulting model to identify prospects. Many firms base their prospecting solely on standard data card variables, overlooking more nuanced information like size, type of business and location of buying sites. How does profiling work? You start by matching your list against a comprehensive B2B database, and overlaying firmagraphic data like SIC, employee size and individual text titles, then applying the predictive model to find prospects who are identical to your best customers. With a strong database, the match rate should hit from 30% to 50% for companies by site.

Takeaway Tips: Use a reliable vendor, one that maintains prospect names and the profile in a single database. Sites and individuals are tagged in different ways in different environments, and this can affect results. In addition, you need at least a few thousand matches to generate a footprint.

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