Quick Lead Gen Techniques You Can Implement Right Now

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Long-term success at lead generation takes time and the right marketing partners to implement. That doesn’t mean you can’t rack up some quick wins along the way, so let this list of must-do lead gen boosters inspire you to take action now.

Add a Gate

What’s your most popular content? A glance at your site and blog traffic should tell you, and once you know, you’re on your way to gathering more data. Take your top five or six blog posts on a hot topic and combine them into a special report or video. Then, add a brief form for visitors to fill out to gain access to it. Congratulations – you now have a proven means of gathering data from your leads.

Set Time Limits

Why do people go crazy for Girl Scout cookies? Part of it is that Thin Mints are objectively delicious, but another reason is that these delicacies aren’t available year-round. You know that if you want those Samoa cookies, you need to act now and order a box (or three). Let your leads know that you’re only offering your tastiest cookies for a limited time by adding a highly visible timer to webinar and seminar sign-ups.

Show Off Your Testimonials

It’s a tried and true marketing technique: Show leads that their peers are buying in, and they’re likely to join them. We all like to participate in proven successes, so demonstrate your bona fides with testimonials on social media, in blog posts, and on your main site.

Step Up Your Title Game

In an increasingly crowded digital landscape, you need to stand out. Article titles that tell leads exactly how they’ll benefit from reading on and email subject lines that grab attention are a must. The art of a great title also involves restraint, though; you want to encourage prospects to explore, not tease them with empty clickbait.

Offer a Taste

Got a great long-form article, product demonstration video, or e-book that hasn’t seen as much interest as it deserves? Find a particularly interesting passage or clip and make it widely available. Free samples of content are excellent lead gen tools, but pick your clips wisely; you want to show enough to be compelling but not so much that leads feel they’ve seen all they need to know.

Connect Your Content

Tying content together acts as a powerful force multiplier while giving interested leads more of the information they want to make buying decisions. Need an example of this principle in action? If you like this lead gen article, we have an in-depth white paper on using webinars as a lead gen tool that might also be a great fit for you. It’s that easy to link your content in relevant ways.

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