Quick Hits: 12 (More) Lead Gen Tips You Can Use Today

quick tips for lead generation

Our last blog post on lead generation ideas you can implement right away to earn quick gains was so popular that we’re revisiting it this week and including even more ideas.

Turn Up the Contrast

Can your leads spot a call to action right away, or do they have to hunt for it? Leads can’t click through if they don’t see where to click, so make it easy on busy professionals and make links clear. Complementary colors are a good way to add eye-catching contrast and improve response rates.

Break It Up

A single form with multiple blanks and buttons can become an obstacle for responders. Instead, take the same information and break it out into two or three brief, bite-sized forms with a completion bar. When it’s done right, a multi-step form can actually feel smaller and more streamlined than a single-page version.

List It

Leads tend to appreciate bullet lists because they’re:

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Eye-catching
  • Organized

Did your eyes skip to this list before reading some of the other talking points in the post? That’s exactly why lists are lead gen boosters.

Make Source-Specific Offers

Do you want to reward your Twitter loyalists or give prospects another reason to sign up for your newsletter? Give them special offers, free trials, or discounts via specific platforms. Not only does this encourage participation, but it also gives you valuable data on how your leads interact with your brand on various channels.

Present the Downside

Marketing messages are upbeat, but sometimes it’s also important to remind leads of what happens if they don’t act on an offer. Limited-time offers get higher response rates, for instance, when the message includes a direct reference to missing out.

Ask for a ‘No’

Have you seen pop-ups that make an enticing offer in bright, bold text and then include a negative statement such as “no thanks, I don’t need to grow my business” in plain print below it? Sometimes it’s worth asking for the “no” because it presents the “yes” as a far more appealing choice.

Feature Testimonials

Just about everyone loves a happy story. Let your customers tell theirs, and you’ll get the attention and trust of your leads.

Personalize Pages

Now that marketing automation tools let you personalize everything from email messages to landing pages to your company’s home page, you have everything you need to make prospects feel more welcome. Take full advantage of the opportunity and craft a customer experience for them.

Get Specific

There’s another advantage to personalization and customization: You get a good handle on what leads want at that precise moment. If, for example, you know a prospect just viewed a how-to video on your latest product, you’re now able to customize page elements to refer to that particular product or peripherals that go with it.

Get Graphic

More than 30 percent of the human brain’s sensory processing capability is devoted to vision. Use clean-lined, appealing graphics to make the most of all that cortical real estate.

Put a Price Tag on It

When people see dollars-and-cents values attached to an offer, they’re more likely to take advantage of it. Webinars, e-books, and conference invitations become more appealing as free offers if you let leads know they would otherwise pay to read or attend.

Find Your Partner

One decision that’s always a winner: Picking a strategic lead gen partner, so if you have questions, talk with one of our business email list managers today.

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