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PI_logoThe online revolution has changed the way companies connect with their audiences, but printing remains a staple for publishing houses, newspapers, trade journals, direct mail and any industry that relies on printed words or images to communicate. Printing Impressions magazine serves the needs of these businesses with insightful commentary on issues that affect the print world. With more than 52,000 names and mailing addresses, the Printing Impressions Magazine Subscribers List offers access to a select group of highly influential professionals in the printing industry.

The Printing Impressions Magazine Subscribers List gives B2B companies full access to industry leaders in publishing, trade binding, packaging, promotional materials and other commercial printing sectors. This subscriber-based list is segmented to let you printing_imp_coversselect the audience that most closely matches your message. Sales volume, company size and type of printing performed are a few of the possibilities you can choose when generating quality leads.

A part of the NAPCO Media family of publications, Printing Impressions covers industry trends and innovative technologies that affect commercial printing. From publishing success stories to in-depth features on new tech to thoughtful pieces about the intersection of digital and actual media, the magazine keeps its readers informed and entertained. Although the magazine focuses on print, its digital version keeps readers current with leading-edge technology and links them to additional digital features such as webinars and online events.

Like other trade journals, circulation is focused, but selective; subscribers to Printing Impressions typically have a deep understanding of the industry after years of experience. The magazine’s diverse readership includes commercial and academic printers, package printers, magazine and periodical publishers, and newspaper printers. C-level executives, production managers and operations managers comprise the largest portion of the subscriber base.

PI_graph5Printers are often avid consumers of content. They welcome offers of industry-adjacent publications and newsletters, case studies and white papers that help them grow personally and professionally. Lifelong learners, they also tend to be interested in videos, classes and seminars that give them an edge in an increasingly competitive field. With the rise of digital and on-demand printing, professionals have had to learn a new vocabulary, and they’re receptive to educational offers that promise to keep them informed.

As executives and managers, most of the members of this subscriber-based list typically have significant discretionary income but may not have time to manage their money. Offers related to financial advice and wealth management are relevant to them. They also look for productivity tools that can help them and their staff members make the most of their time and become more efficient.

Depending on their roles, the members of this list may travel frequently, so they want to hear about travel and hospitality offers. Corporate-quality hotels and executive travel plans are particularly interesting to them.

The movable-type printing press is centuries old, but printers continually embrace leading-edge technology. Offers relating to printing and graphics equipment find a keenly interested audience with Printing Impressions subscribers. These busy professionals also use consumer technology in their personal and business lives, so offers of mobile devices and plans or useful apps get their attention.

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