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Pharmaceutical spending in the U.S. is projected to top $330 billion in 2015. Worldwide, a burgeoning population is set to drive pharmaceutical demand even higher, making it an estimated $840 billion dollar industry by year’s end. The leaders of this growing industry, including C-level executives, research and development coordinators, operations supervisors, plant managers, QA/QC managers, and other influential decision-makers within the pharmaceutical production sector, need to be well informed to keep pace.

To stay informed, they turn to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine, part of Putman Media’s family of industry journals. With the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List, you are put in touch with the people who are financing, developing and testing the latest advances in pharmaceutical production.PM_magcovers

Pharmaceutical industry pros trust Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine to help them maintain operational excellence with in-depth articles, editorials and product reviews. The subscriber-based list includes nearly 45,000 postal addresses associated with more than 16,500 email addresses. These subscribers represent some of the most influential people in the pharmaceutical production sector, a focused audience with a keen interest in efficiency, waste reduction, compliance and validation, vendor sourcing, scaling, and quality control.

Three-quarters of the magazine’s subscriber base, including both print and online magazine recipients, have been Pharmaceutical Magazine subscribers for three or more years. For list renters, that’s good news; this relatively stable audience is deeply engaged with the magazine, and engagement at one level often leads to high affinity for related offers.

Members of this subscription-based list typically have degrees in STEM fields, and like PM_graphother professionals in scientific and technical fields, they tend to feel comfortable with technology. Offers related to industry-specific hardware and software are of particular interest to them, but they also respond well to more general professional technology such as productivity tools and personnel management software. Their familiarity with high-tech equipment in the workplace makes them a receptive audience for consumer technology too.

Education is essential for pharmaceutical manufacturing personnel at every level, and they welcome the chance to learn more. Offer them webinars and seminars, distance learning opportunities, on-campus coursework, and certification programs for themselves and their staff members. Other magazine subscriptions in related fields, including those that focus on other aspects of manufacturing processes or other aspects of the pharmaceutical industry such as distribution, are especially valuable to them.

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