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Worldwide demand for healthcare is set to make pharmaceutical manufacturing an estimated $840 billion dollar industry by the end of 2015. The influential leaders within this burgeoning industry, including company owners, C-level executives, R&D specialists, manufacturing center supervisors, operations coordinators, plant managers, QA/QC specialists, and other key decision-makers along the pharmaceutical supply line, must stay informed to meet demand and stay ahead of competitors.

To keep pace with a fast-moving industry, they choose Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine, one of Putman Media’s flagship industry journals. The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List connects you with thePMmag1 industry leaders who are financing, researching, developing, and producing pharmaceutical solutions for a global market.

This highly selectable mailing list consists of nearly 45,000 names and mailing addresses as well as over 16,500 email names. The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List includes some of the pharmaceutical production industry’s most well-known names, giving you access to an audience that’s highly influential both within and outside the subscriber base.

Industry professionals rely on Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine to help them achieve excellence in an exacting industry with feature-length articles, insightful editorials, and in-depth product reviews. Seventy-five percent of the journal’s subscriber base, including print and digital formats, have received the magazine for more than three years. That stability over time shows that readers are highly engaged with the magazine. That PMmag2level of interest often translates directly into engagement with related offers.

Like other professionals in STEM fields, subscribers to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine are at home with technology in their professional and personal lives. Offers ofindustry-specific equipment and software have specific relevance to them, but more general technology, including productivity tools, office management, and staffing tools also get their attention. They are at ease with a high-tech workplace and are often equally at home with leading-edge consumer electronics.

Education is key for manufacturing personnel at all levels of the pharmaceutical production sector, and these professionals constantly seek additional opportunities to learn. Offers ofPMmag3 industry-specific webinars and seminars, product demonstrations, online learning, on-campus courses, and certification courses for manufacturing personnel are relevant to them. Magazine and journal subscriptions in adjacent industries, including those involving other facets of pharmaceutical production such as marketing or distribution, are particularly interesting to them.

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