Optimize at Every Size: Scalable Lead Gen Solutions

Optimize at Every Size: Scalable Lead Gen Solutions

Leads are fundamental to your organization’s growth, but it isn’t enough to have one successful approach to lead gen. As you grow, you need new ways to guarantee a steady flow of leads, and you need to be able to spot the most promising prospects among them. A start-up benefits from different strategies than an established firm, which also uses different techniques than a company that’s just undergone a quantum leap in scale – going from regional to national prominence, for instance. Your lead generation goal is to keep a consistent, reliable stream of prospects flowing into your sales funnel.

Scalable lead gen comes from a thorough understanding of where your leads come from, how you qualify them, how you nurture them, and what produces conversions. Let’s take a look at each of these steps in greater detail to see how you can optimize your lead generation strategy with marketing automation.

Automating Understanding

Who constitutes your target audience? Where can you find them? What offers resonate with them? You may have some ideas about these questions already, but with marketing automation technology, you get far more precise answers to them. Tracking site traffic and movement gives you a deeper understanding of what your leads are looking for and where they’re headed. Add in demographic and firmographic details collected from data capture and data append services, and you’ll start to get a far more nuanced picture of your audience.

Turning Data into Insight

Not all leads are created equal. To find your most promising prospects, you need to learn more about which channels produce your highest conversion rates and which of the digital signals your leads send are most closely correlated with buying decisions. Putting that puzzle together takes significant computational power – the power that only marketing automation can give you. Most B2B companies find their highest sales rate comes from referrals, but what’s next on your organization’s list? Know where your buyers come from, and you can optimize your marketing campaigns around it.

Making the Most of Referrals

Referrals deserve more than a passing mention because they’re so closely correlated with sales, yet earning more referrals is an ongoing challenge for businesses. We’ve written recently about getting referrals from your best customers, and it’s worth reviewing the tips there to get a more complete picture of how they fit into your lead gen strategy. You need a plan in place to nurture leads who come into your sales funnel via referral, and here’s where automation can help by defining distinct nurture programs aimed at these high-impact leads.

Scaling for Growth

A start-up may get most of its quality leads from referrals, but businesses that are reaching their prime or well-established need a more consistent influx of leads. Here’s where mapping the lead lifecycle with your marketing automation system can give you the guidance needed to target high-yield leads with the right offer at the right time. Automation is scalable by nature; it lends itself to growth and allows you to adapt at every phase of your organization’s evolution.

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions for optimizing lead generation, but with a talented marketing automation consultant working with you, you’ll be able to develop the plan that’s right for you.

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