Every business needs new customers, but B2B companies face unique challenges when finding these new leads. Reach Marketing delivers a unified B2B lead generation strategy that uses a powerful fusion of email, direct mail, content marketing, newsletters, SEO, and social media to drive your lead-building to new levels.

How Does B2B Lead Generation Work?

B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation

Before you can draw new business to your company, you need a pool of potential customers – those are your leads. Lead generation means building awareness and generating interest in an audience through quality marketing programs that ensure more high-quality leads pouring into your sales funnel.

B2B Companies Need Lead Generation Solutions

When polled, 70 percent of business owners and executives agreed that their biggest concern was lead generation – yet fewer than 10 percent described their current efforts as highly effective. When your company relies on our proven methods of lead generation, you can see an exponential rise in your numbers of new prospects. Call the Reach Marketing team today and discover how effective B2B lead generation can transform your business.

B2B Lead Programs


With ReachBase, the largest multichannel database in the industry, you have unparalleled access to professionals in a vast range of fields. When you find business leads online or offline through ReachBase, you can connect with more than 72 million prospects.


Gain new customers quickly through Reach Marketing’s quality lead generation program. Our proprietary CPC and CPL lead generation network delivers business leads from every industry within all professional levels from small firms to large Fortune 500 companies.

Our syndicated network provides professionals with essential content they need to gain a competitive advantage both professionally and personally, including white papers, webinars, product downloads and more.

Reach Marketing can also provide expertly crafted lead generation solutions to help you design, implement, track and measure your lead generation campaign.

How does it work?
1. Provide us with your content for syndication through our network of qualified business professionals.

2. Choose your specific data criteria such as name, business address, email address and other individualized options from an array of customizable data elements.

3. You only pay for the leads that meet your specific criteria, so start collecting leads right away.

B2B Articles


Hottest Trends in b2b Lead Generation

When polled about their biggest issues in B2B marketing, about 7 out of 10 business owners cited greater lead generation as their primary challenge. With such obvious importance being placed on B2B lead generation that produces more results, marketers have plenty of reasons to broaden their scope and find new ways to connect with leads. You might be surprised at some of the most promising areas for growth in 2014, especially if you’ve been relying on print to get your message across to buyers.

Hosting Executive Events

Seminars, webinars and video conferences are outstanding B2B lead generation tools for participants, but they also pay dividends over time, allowing you to improve your long-term lead generation outlook. By establishing you as an authority in your industry, these activities increase overall interest and raise your profile for months after the initial event. Webinars and online presentations are especially useful because they can be made available repeatedly and give you a chance to gather valuable data every time you offer access.

Maximizing Email

No lead generation tool offers a better value for B2B marketers than email. It’s also one of the most effective ways to generate new leads, ranking only behind inside sales as a means to reach out to new prospects. One of the reasons email is so useful to B2B sales is its flexibility. With email marketing, you can segment your audience and deliver customized messages to each part of that audience, maximizing response rates by addressing specific concerns directly. Email also works well because of volume; it’s relatively easy to increase your reach with email, either by expanding your own list or renting additional lists.



Using Content Marketing to Generate B2B Leads

Content marketing is one of the hottest trends in marketing today, and it’s tailor-made for B2B use. When working with B2B clients, you’re dealing with an already knowledgeable audience; delivering useful content to prospects who know your industry gives you greater freedom to show what you know too. Over time, you build a resource library both current and future leads will value. Rich content also enhances your reputation with search engines, and better SEO is always a boon.

Not all content is created equal when it comes to B2B lead generation. Unlike entry-level content, what you set before B2B prospects must be more in-depth and specific. The following formats are proven lead-builders in B2B marketing.

White Papers

One surefire way to build interest and earn leads is with customized white papers. These authoritative, long-form reports take an in-depth look at a key aspect of a specific industry and present cogent solutions for common issues facing your prospects. What makes white papers work so well as a lead generation tool is their value. Visitors to your site have valuable information, but they won’t share it unless they feel they’re getting an equal or greater value in return. White papers offer that high value and encourage prospects to share their data. They do cost a bit more to commission, but white papers pay off in huge lead generation. Better yet, they continue to generate leads for as long as you make them available.


Like white papers, webinars offer a tremendous perceived value that readily convinces B2B company owners and executives to share their information. These online training courses also draw high-quality leads as well as bringing in bigger numbers. Online workshops and conferences range from interactive events you or your marketing team hosts to video presentations you make available for download anytime. Both possibilities have their merits, and today’s interactive webinar can become tomorrow’s video presentation after a little editing. When using webinars to increase your B2B leads, make the most of the publicity they bring by featuring your offer on all your social media channels, in your blog and on your website.


People like getting the latest details about their industry delivered straight to their in-boxes. Develop an interesting, content-rich newsletter, and new leads will seek you out to read what you have to say. Another feature of newsletters is their versatility; what you put in your newsletter can also tie in with your blog posts, social media streams and upcoming releases of other content. The key to using newsletters as a lead generation strategy lies in paying attention to the first part of that word: news. Save the advertising for other email blasts and reserve your newsletters for industry-targeted, high-value content.

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