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More Marketing Automation Workflows

Last week’s overview of the best marketing automation workflows to set up today drew so much attention, we’re going to keep the buzz going with more ways to channel your leads into nurture streams that make sense for them. When building workflows, you’ll notice that some might overlap. A customer who makes his or her first purchase, for instance, becomes eligible for both the conversion and the loyalty programs. This is why a marketing automation system that effortlessly coordinates workflows is a must for keeping communications on point without duplicating your efforts.

Conversion Workflows

Last week’s blog post was all about getting to know your leads and guiding them along the buying journey; this week, we’re starting with the sale and what comes after it. When leads become customers, it’s the beginning of a different relationship – one that’s just as valuable but often neglected by companies that are so busy hunting for new traffic that they fail to care for the customers they have. Make sure you look after your newest customers with a conversion workflow.

The first message your customer should get is a thank you message. This isn’t just a few words typed at the bottom of a receipt but a sincere, stand-alone expression of thanks. You can then invite customers to explore their new purchases with follow-up messages:

  • Product demonstrations and guides
  • Additional resources for new owners
  • Contact and technical support information
  • Requests for reviews, surveys, or feedback

Customer Loyalty Workflows

What does your customer loyalty program look like? If you answered, “What customer loyalty program,” it’s time to put your marketing automation system’s customer retention toolset to work. Automation is outstanding for integrating customer care and marketing, increasing the lifetime value of every lead and ensuring that your customers have plenty of reasons to stay loyal. Some possibilities for your loyalty program include:

  • Special offers and discounts
  • Sneak peeks and beta tests
  • Exclusive access
  • Upselling and cross-selling opportunities

Time-Sensitive Workflows

Timing is everything in business, particularly if your product line has a built-in schedule for replenishment or service. With your marketing automation system, you’re able to look at buying histories for your customers and predict when they need to order replaceable parts or replenish low stock. If you’re able to send a reminder email and an order form just as they’re wondering whether it’s time to stock up again, they’ll remain loyal for life.

Other times merit special consideration too. We all have memorable days on our mental calendars – birthdays, anniversaries, holidays. Your customers have them too, and you can add to their stock of special days by making time-related offers commemorating their purchase or subscription anniversaries. Relationships and connections are more important than ever in B2B business, so forge stronger professional bonds with:

  • Replenishment reminders and order forms
  • Service and maintenance offers
  • Birthday or anniversary discounts
  • Corporate gifts

Re-Engagement Workflows

Customers are far too important to lose through inattention. Your marketing automation system can easily keep track of how long it’s been since a lead visited your site, placed an order, or opened an email. If you see signs of diminishing engagement, act on them. Find out what’s keeping your prospects from visiting you and reach out to reconnect with these re-engagement activities:

  • New product, content, and service notifications
  • “Welcome back” sales and promotions
  • Requests for referrals
  • E-commerce cart reminders

Whether your focus is on lead generation or customer retention, marketing automation technology has the power to keep your prospects invested with workflows.

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