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Did you Blog for your Business Today?

Speaking of blogging, few B2B or B2C companies should be without one at this point. Relevant, regularly updated blogs give search engines and human visitors what they want most: fresh content. Every blog post is a nudge upward in search engines’ rankings, especially if it’s syntactically linked to the site and to other blog pages.

Once the province of B2C companies, blogs have become increasingly valuable for B2B digital marketing efforts. While a blog for a vendor of industrial solvents may not get millions of avid followers the way a major game publisher’s blog will, it can fill a useful ecological niche in the complex Internet ecosystem of 2013.

Are You Responsive?

With the proliferation of mobile devices, web browsing has undergone a fundamental change. A website may not have a full 20-inch screen in which to make its point; everything has to fit on a smart phone. At the other end of the scale, it also has to look good on a wide-screen television. Responsive web design (RWD) takes these extremes into account and creates an integrated site that has the same look on any platform. Better browser and device detection makes RWD easier, but it’s still important to test everything on as many platforms as possible to see how users will experience a site.

Are You Using Email Marketing?

Email will still be the preferred method of commercial communication by over 70% of all online adults according to trend studies and if you havent already, it’s time to make your email messages mobile friendly. 80.8% of users report reading email on mobile devices.

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