Scientists regularly devise models to explore how complex systems work. Marketing database experts do the same, but they’re testing marketing concepts and campaigns. Modeling can reveal where break points within larger audience segments are, allowing you to refine your segmentation strategy and target your market more effectively. It also lets you play with campaign parameters before they go live, giving you a clear picture of your most efficient path forward.

Great models need great data.

Here’s our process for collecting and contextualizing data for superior modeling:

Data Collection

We identify primary and third-party sources, gathering data from them to form the raw material for the model.

Model Building

Then, we map the data and construct a working model over which we will then overlay campaign details.

Forecast Optimization

We run the models adjusting different variables and note tendencies within it, such as clusters around geographical locations or job titles. These groupings have strong predictive value.

Implementation Recommendations

Based on our findings, we show you where your marketing will have the strongest impact.

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