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With baby boomers retiring at a rate of more than 10,000 people a day, the need for long-term care solutions is projected to increase well into the next two decades. As members of a vitally necessary and growing career sector, long-term care providers must stay current on industry news. From facility owners and administrators to physicians, nurse practitioners, and shift supervisors, McKnight’s Long-Term Care News magazine keeps long-term care givers informed. Reach Marketing has made the McKnight’s Long-Term Care News Subscribers Business Mailing List available for B2B businesses that also contribute to this vital kind of care with services, supplies, and software.

Published since 1980, McKnight’s Long-Term Care News from Haymarket Media serves the needs of influential decision-makers within the long-term care sector, including those who work within home care services, assisted living residences, hospice care, and long-term recovery support facilities. As the premier source of news, editorial commentary, and in-depth analysis for long-term care professionals, the magazine has both an online and Mag_1a print format and reaches more than 153,000 subscribers. This subscriber-based list consists of more than 145,000 phone numbers and over 30,000 unique email addresses.

Many subscribers on the list have medical degrees and are keenly interested in continuing their education with seminars, webinars, medical journal subscriptions, and on-campus coursework. They’re conscientious care-givers who work in an often demanding field, so they also tend to be receptive to offers related to vacation accommodations, travel, and other opportunities to decompress. Because theirMag_2work takes a high priority in their lives, they look for ways to work more efficiently while still providing the highest standard of care. Offers related to medical supplies, health care products, and essential services such as food preparation and cleaning also catch their interest.

McKnight’s Long-term Care News now generates $150 billion annually, and the people who provide it often have significant discretionary income. They’re receptive to offers of high-end goods and services, and because they’ve devoted years to caring for others, they also respond to requests from not-for-profit groups and charitable organizations.

People who receive long-term care range in age and degree of independence. The Mag_3facilities that serve long-term care needs are likewise varied, and Reach Marketing has segmented the McKnight’s Long-Term Care News Subscribers Business Mailing List to allow users to select by relevant categories. Choose from facility size, specific industry sector, geography, and more to reach a highly qualified audience of leads.

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