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Automation is one of the most powerful tools companies have for lead generation, lead nurturing, and revenue marketing growth. Learning to use this sophisticated tool-set is another matter; installation isn’t the same as implementation. Companies that want to make the most of their investment in marketing automation technology need to know how to make these tools start earning for them today. Here’s how to make that happen and start reaping the rewards that come with being an early adopter.

Community Counts

One of the best sources of information on your marketing automation system are other users. Sign up for community forums and look for stickied posts that fellow users have ranked the most helpful. Marketing automation experts frequent these forums and offer help to new users feeling a little overwhelmed by their new software as well as to veterans who need advice on how to handle a new wrinkle in their marketing strategies. Many marketing automation companies host community forums where users help users. Take advantage of these tools by watching videos, taking free online courses, and following step-by-step guides to everything from data management to creating a campaign from the ground up.


Upgrading from separate marketing software tools and a siloed CRM to a marketing automation system that integrates everything makes life easier for companies in the long run, but taking the leap can be daunting. Develop an organizational system that has standardized labeling conventions for files and make sure everyone who uses the marketing automation software uses them. This is a good practice for every file type, but for a system as large and powerful as your new MAS, it’s essential. Get in the habit of adding dates and campaign names to labels so all your content and templates are easy to find next time. Why is this important? See our next tip.

Clone Rangers

One of the best things about marketing automation is that you don’t have to reinvent every campaign from scratch. Cloning everything from landing pages to email headers lets you effortlessly create a unified campaign that flows seamlessly from your last one while giving you the power to change elements that make it distinctive. When your marketing team can eliminate 80 percent of their repetitive work with the click of a few buttons, you free them to devote that time to creative work – brainstorming new campaign concepts, developing exciting new content, and starting up customer appreciation programs they never had time to manage before.

Cloning also instantly upgrades your branding strategy. Because everything that comes out of your marketing department now has a unified design, your audience finds your brand more recognizable. That matters whether you’re a B2C start-up competing for space on store shelves or a B2B organization establishing itself as a go-to source for companies on the local, regional, or national level.

Call in the Experts

You don’t have to wander in the wilderness of your massive new marketing automation system. Finding a marketing firm that provides all levels of automation-assisted marketing to its clientele replaces a formidably steep learning curve with a gentle hill.

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