MARKETING AI: The Care and Feeding of a Growing Brand

Care For your brand

One of the most important roles marketing automation can play in a growing organization is establishing it as a bona fide brand. A brand is more than a name; it’s a guiding philosophy and an identity that become indelibly linked. Customers grow to trust brands in deeper ways and even do some of the marketing team’s work for them by becoming brand ambassadors. Whether you’re founding your first start-up or transforming an existing business’ name, marketing automation is one of your most powerful brand-building tools.

What goes into growing a brand, and how does marketing automation technology help it happen?


In the B2B marketplace, your brand has to be close enough to your market that leads can easily reach out to get it. It needs to feel readily accessible and offer a clear indication of how your brand fits effortlessly into your potential buyer’s life. Data starts flowing into your marketing automation system as soon as a prospect comes into contact with you, allowing you to learn more about leads so you can adapt to fit their needs.


Being there isn’t enough; you also need to stand out from the crowd and occupy enough mind-share to make a lasting impression. Marketing automation lets you communicate with leads on a more individualized basis with ads and landing pages customized to specific market segments. Just as someone calling your name will get your attention more readily than hearing a generic “hey,” customized content that fits your leads’ interests directly leaves a far more meaningful first impression.


Repeated exposure to a brand is fundamental to retaining your audience, and marketing automation’s ability to carry out coordinated omni-channel campaigns ensures that your brand is everywhere your leads look. Brand reinforcement happens organically through on-site banners, regularly delivered newsletter content, and social media presence.


What is your brand’s unique offer? What’s your area of expertise? When you know what you do better than anyone else on the market and create content that positions you as an authority in that area, you’re well on your way to developing a robust brand. With marketing automation, you aren’t limited to one content stream but can instead create multiple content marketing flows to carry leads along the most appropriate nurture program.

Customer Care

Acquisition is only part of branding. The most successful brands invest heavily in retention too, treating every customer as a valued partner and a source of future business. Delight your customers, and they’ll happily help you find more. Marketing automation tools also excel at customer retention because the centralized database that’s a key feature of an automation platform lets you deliver better care. When sales and marketing are working together, the buyer’s journey becomes frictionless from beginning to end.

Brands aren’t born. They’re made through sustained commitment to your prospects. Marketing automation tools take much of the effort out of acquisition, multi-channel management, and retention.

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