MARKETING AI: How Well Does Your Marketing Automation Solution Scale?

MARKETING AI: How Well Does Your Marketing Automation Solution Scale?

For most organizations, growth happens not in a gradual, incremental way but in quantum leaps. Think back to the day the business was founded, the moment you secured your first major investor, or the acquisition of a new startup. The marketing strategies that brought you to your current level of success may not be enough to keep up with your next growth spurt. To make sure your marketing strategy isn’t the limiting reagent in the alchemy of growth, you need marketing automation technology that scales with your needs.

A Million Personal Conversations

Writing a generic email blast to an entire audience doesn’t produce results, yet crafting individual emails would be impossibly time-consuming for all but the smallest businesses. Marketing automation allows you to create template emails easily and instantly fill them in with personalized features. With it, you’re able to carry on a personal conversation with any number of people at once. Because the customized details that make each communication uniquely relevant to its recipient come from data you already have, the process readily scales to reach your audience no matter how large it grows.

Timing Is Everything

Another issue B2B businesses have when scaling up their marketing activities is timing. The right message, even if it’s carefully and accurately customized, is no longer the right message if it hits at the wrong time. If a lead has just downloaded an in-depth white paper, for instance, an introductory message welcoming him or her to the site would do nothing to help that lead take the next step in the buying journey and even risks making the organization look out of touch. Timing becomes more complicated as audiences grow, but automated systems excel at effortlessly timing triggered emails and messages.

Meeting Leads Where They Are

You need to meet your leads where they are on their buying journey and act as a guide to help them reach the right destination. The familiar model of the sales funnel isn’t quite as straightforward as it once was. Leads now pour in at every level of sales readiness, not only from the top but also the sides. That means you have to be present at multiple phases of the buyer’s journey at once to meet these leads’ needs. Scalability here is a must.

Analytics Tell the Whole Story

Making sense of the huge volumes of data they have coming in is another issue for many organizations. Simply having mountains of data isn’t enough; it needs to be organized to give you real insight. If a lead’s buying journey is an epic novel, then data without analytics is tantamount to tearing out the pages and scattering them. You still have the same information, but it’s no longer in a meaningful order. Marketing automation contextualizes data and produces analytics from a unified system that shows you how to optimize messaging, track ROI, and spot meaningful trends in your marketplace.

Growth doesn’t just happen. It’s the product of careful planning for expansion. Marketing automation technology gives you room to grow no matter how big your organization’s vision is.

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