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By renting manufacturing mailing lists and email lists, you can reach business professionals from C-Level to Middle Management who are working in such industries as food processing, textiles, printing, rubber and plastics processing, fabricated metal manufacturing and machinery manufacturing. These professionals seek out products and services that will help them gain a competitive edge, attain personal growth and help their organization succeed.

Manufacturing businesses include plants, factories, and mills utilizing machines and equipment. It also includes small and home-based businesses making handmade products including baked goods, custom clothing and confectioneries.

Manufacturing professionals, including top corporate managers, engineers, plant operations managers, research and development managers, purchasing managers, sales & marketing professionals, and other key business decision-makers in all areas of manufacturing, are a highly receptive and knowledgeable audience for marketers who understand their clients’ needs. These professionals tend to have a concrete mindset about their business. They want to see evidence of results, watch product demonstrations, and look at case studies before making important buying decisions.

Fast Facts
U.S. manufacturing is the largest in the world. It produces 18.2 percent of the world’s goods. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Manufacturing GDP  was $2.33 trillion, driving 11.6 percent of U.S. economic output.

Buying Power

According to the National Association of Manufacturers, manufacturing contributes a lot to the U.S. economy. Every dollar spent in manufacturing adds $1.89 in business growth in other supporting sectors such as retailing, transportation, and business services.

Selling to Manufacturing Professionals
Manufacturing professionals rely heavily on vendors they trust to keep their projects on-time and on-budget.  For some products such as materials, samples can be helpful; other products might require a seminar or video presentation to sell their best features. Trade shows are a particularly useful venue for connecting with manufacturing professionals, and many of them travel  to shows and conferences.

Manufacturing Professionals Buy All Kinds Of Products and Services
Market to manufacturing decision-makers through manufacturing mailing lists and email lists offered by Reach Marketing. The decision-makers on manufacturing mailing lists and email lists are extremely responsive to offers including uniforms, safety training, equipment rental, OSHA compliance certification, mail order catalogs, hardware/software, industry related subscriptions, seminar/webinar, office supplies, business services, credit card, financial services, mobile, surveys, electronic gadgets, and more.

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Chemical Products Manufacturing
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Design-2-Part Subscribers Mailing Lists
Emerald Manufacturing Industry Mailing List
Fabricated Metal Manufacturers
Food Manufacturers Business List
Food Processing Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List
Instrument Manufacturers Business Mailing List
Laser Product Manufacturers Business List
Leather and Leather Products Manufacturers Business List
Machinery Manufacturers Business List
Machinery Specialists Solutions Database
Manufacturing Woodworking Solutions Database
NAPCO Media Manufacturing Professionals Database
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List
Plant Services Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List
Putman Media US Business Masterfile
ReachBase Air Conditioning & Warm Air Heating Equipment Manufacturers
ReachBase Manufacturing Professionals
ReachBase Surgical and Medical Instrument Manufacturers
Rubber & Plastics News Newspaper Subscribers Business Mailing List
Small Business America Manufacturing Subscriber Mailing List
Textile Mill Manufacturers Business List

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