Making Marketing Feel More Human with Automation

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Marketing automation can effortlessly coordinate omni-channel campaigns, centralize data for detailed analysis, score leads, and more. For all its other virtues, the true power of MARKETING AI® may rely on its ability to connect with us on a human level. Customized lead nurture programs and preference options that give control back to buyers create a more personal experience that would be impossible to duplicate without the power of automation behind it.

Turning Data into Insight

You can collect petabytes of information on leads, but until you have a way of putting all that data into context, you can’t use it meaningfully. Marketing automation technology combines this information with behavioral data by monitoring how leads interact with your brand. Over time, the data your MARKETING AI collects can become a detailed picture of each lead, which then informs how you market to leads on an individual level. That granular level of detail separates marketing automation platforms from the simpler software that came before it, giving you far deeper insight into your leads as people, not just as data points on a graph.

Refining Your Message

People change over time, yet understanding how and why they change is challenging without close observation. You could hire a team of behavioral psychologists, but there’s a far easier way to learn about leads. With a few A/B split tests on email messaging and landing pages, you learn more about what moves your prospects. Your MARKETING AI then automatically adjusts to keep pace with leads on their individual buying journeys, sending some down longer nurture programs and fast-tracking others to sales if they’re sending strong buying signals.

Human Intuition, Automated Precision

As powerful as marketing automation technology is, it still needs some human ingenuity behind it. We like to think of our decision-making as a purely rational process, especially in B2B sectors. The reality is that the emotional, intuitive side of our brains also has its say in key decisions. A marketing automation consultant who knows where to direct the system’s focus can give you a significant edge over your competition by supporting leads’ intuitive decision-making with well-timed and tailored content.

Guidance on the Buying Journey

The speed and scalability of marketing automation lets you accompany leads on every step of the buying journey – often before you even know a prospect’s name and contact information. Anonymous browser cookies, buyer personas, and lead scoring tools put you and your marketing automation consultant where leads need you to be from the start so you can offer meaningful guidance at every stage of decision-making. Without automation, it would be almost impossible to achieve the responsiveness and precise timing to match your prospects’ pace, but automating the process lets you be there for buyers whenever they need you.

Think of MARKETING AI as an extension of human insight and interpersonal connections, not a replacement for them. It’s a tool to facilitate person-to-person connections; with it, your ability to meet your customers’ needs is unmatched.

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