Making Big Data Personal with Customization


It sounds like a paradox: Big data deals with millions and even billions of data points, yet that huge volume of information translates into a more personal, customized experience for users. You’ve seen this customization in action; every time you type something into the Google search bar and see accurate predictive text seemingly finishing your thought for you, you’re watching big data at work. How does big data turn millions of data points from volumes of users into meaningful answers for an individual?

Anonymous Data, Personal Results

The information coming into the system can be anonymous – that is, unconnected to a specific user – but it still has a great deal to teach your marketing team about your audience. With marketing automation systems, you’re able to collect important behavioral and contextual data even before you know a visitor’s name or email address. The system attaches significance to the data itself, not just the account it’s attached to, allowing you to deliver customization on websites and landing pages even for entry-level leads.

Real-Time Customization

Big data can’t just be big; it also has to be agile. Google doesn’t make you wait a minute or two to deliver predictive text but fills it in instantly based on data from billions of other searches. The big data applications underlying marketing automation are also lightning-fast so you and your marketing team are able to deliver online ads as users experience them. Retargeting via banner ads and triggered emails happens immediately, giving prospects what they need to make a buying decision precisely when they need it.

Building on History

Overall behavioral data is important, but so is having specific, account-linked knowledge that places an individual user’s actions in context. Using historical data about past transactions, time on page, emails opened, and other account-specific details gives sellers insight into what that buyer may need next.

Customer Personas

Together, assembled customer data points let a marketing automation system develop customer personas, composite images of your customer base that help you find new leads and serve your current buyers better. Some trends and habits only appear in aggregate form, and customer personas allow you to see them clearly.

Location, Location, Location

Which channels do your leads respond to most? How do those channels integrate in your marketing messages? Where do they invest their time, and how does that correlate to their buying decisions? Big data lets you customize communications and keep omni-channel campaigns organized so your customers get information where and how they want it.

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