To know your leads fully, you need to do more than ask them for information. It isn’t that they’re unwilling to give it to you; if you’ve spent time earning their trust and know which questions to ask, they’ll share their data freely. But there’s a wealth of information your prospects don’t share – because they can’t. They don’t know it about themselves. Finding that data takes analytical precision, full integration, and high-quality data enhancement.

Asking for More

Most prospect data is locked away until you ask for it, and the more you offer, the more of it you’re able to unlock. Getting a name, phone number, and email address is just the start of what you can earn just by asking for details via gated content. Start with the fundamentals, and using progressive forms, move on to more detailed information as you build a closer relationship with prospects.

The Story on Your Dashboard

Some of the data your customers can’t tell you comes from your marketing automation system’s analytics. They may not know realize long they spent on a web page or where else on your site they visited, but your MARKETING AI® does. Open rates, time on page, and other data provide meaningful information about relevance and engagement. If customers linger, they’re probably learning; if they bounce from a page immediately, they are missing something they hoped to find. Every data point is a story, and your next step is to learn where that story leads.

Know Their History

Analytics can also help put data into context, showing you changes in larger patterns and revealing the greater meaning behind individual bits of data. Seeing a wave of interest in your latest blog post is good, but seeing that it’s a larger wave than the previous six posts on similar subjects is far better. The more you know about your leads’ past, the more you can tell about their potential futures as buyers. Your own records give you a better understanding of their history, but there’s another way to learn more: data enrichment.

Enhanced Data for Deeper Insight

You’ve asked for as much data as your leads can give you, used your analytics to read their behavioral cues, and incorporated prospect histories to learn how they’re progressing on their buying journey. Now it’s time to turn to outside sources of data with third-party data enrichment. With data enhancement services, you have more complete customer files, and with more detail on customer files, you’re better able to make meaningful predictions about what they need next to continue their transit through your sales funnel.

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