Engineering is enjoying double-digit growth across virtually every sector, and manufacturing engineers are in high demand. As this burgeoning audience grows, more engineers, engineering supervisors, QA/QC specialists, company owners, C-level executives, and other professionals associated with manufacturing engineering need a reliable source of industry information. SME’s 100% response generated postal, email and telemarketing masterfile includes magazine & enewsletter subscribers, event attendees & registrants, and book & video buyers. Reach Marketing manages this list of nearly 1,305,647 engineers and key decision-makers.

The SME Business Masterfile also contains more than 1,018,047 phone numbers and over 259,597 email addresses and can be divided into numerous selects, including SIC code, geographic location, job function, job title, and technical area of expertise.

Originally the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, SME was founded in 1932. The organization changed its name to reflect its broadening scope; aerospace, defense industry, medical, energy, and automotive engineers are also part of this influential group. SME’s membership consists largely of engineers themselves, but educators, business owners, researchers, and other professionals whose work is aligned with the manufacturing sector are also members. The SME Business Masterfile contains subscribers to Manufacturing Engineering magazine and the Advanced Manufacturing Now newsletter, two of the premier publications for professionals in the manufacturing sector.

Engineers value education so offers related to ongoing education, including magazine subscriptions, distance learning, certification courses, on-campus coursework, STEM field courses, seminars, webinars, and conferences get their attention.

With their familiarity with technology, it’s no surprise that professionals on the SME Business Masterfile respond well to tech-savvy products and services. New electronics, whether they’re the latest consumer tech or enterprise-level hardware systems, capture their interest. Cell phone plans, data storage services, and other technology-adjacent offers also find a receptive audience among these decision-makers.

Because engineers and manufacturing professionals are in high demand, they tend to have significant discretionary income. Business and leisure travel offers, including luxury hotel accommodations, corporate airfare, frequent traveler programs, and vacation destination packages get responses from this well-traveled group. They also seek advice on investment from CPAs and financial consultants, so offers related to wealth management have particular appeal to them.

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