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Accounting and finance professionals work in a booming industry spector

Accounting and finance professionals work in a booming industry sector. Banks and investment firms rely on their expertise, and they are important decision-makers as CMOs and advisors across a spectrum of other industries. The ReachBase Accounting Professionals Mailing List puts you in touch with the most influential money managers – the professionals responsible for their organization’s accounting and bookkeeping, payroll management, tax preparation, budgets, and financial forecasts.

The ReachBase Accounting Professionals Mailing List consists of C-level executives, CPAs, financial advisors, and money managers selected from a multi-sourced pool of finance experts. Members of the list come from subscription lists, seminar and trade show attendees, mail order buyers, and professional association members. With more than 760,000 names, 550,000 phone numbers, and 412,000 email addresses, this highly segmented mailing list connects you to the most influential financial decision-makers.

Because it’s a part of ReachBase, the marketing industry’s largest and most powerful database available, the Accounting Professionals list comes with an assurance of the highest deliverability rates and marketing segments that let you focus on the audience that fits your message. Choose a wide spectrum of accounting professionals in your area, or select based on SIC codes or job titles for a tightly focused message that reaches your ideal audience directly.

These decision-makers work in a multitude of industries, but they have some important characteristics in common. As finance professionals, they tend to be detail-oriented and value-conscious. They know how to comparison-shop and are willing to invest in solutions that fit their needs, but only after they have thoroughly vetted them. They typically respond well to offers that give them new ways to track income and expenses, deliver new sources of revenue, or protect their organization’s investments.

Increasingly, CFOs and accountants entrust their data to virtual storage and retrieval. They have become technologically proficient and look for ways to ensure easier data transfer, greater security, and new ways of analyzing aggregate information. Software and hardware tools that promise greater ease of use and better security of sensitive data are of particular interest to them.

Like other busy professionals, decision-makers in finance are increasingly mobile. Offers related to business and leisure travel, including frequent traveler programs, hotel and airline booking tools, and travel packages, appeal to them. To keep them connected while on the move, these professionals also look for mobile apps and data plans that maintain their link to the home office while attending seminars or visiting other branches.

While much of their work is now in the digital realm, finance professionals also maintain extensive physical records of everything from payroll information to contractors’ invoices. They look for storage solutions that are compact and simple to use. Office furniture, copiers, fax machines, and other office equipment are essentials for them, and they are responsive to offers that supply them with necessities such as paper and toner as well as office furniture.

The ReachBase Accounting Professionals Mailing List is an exceptional tool for reaching some of the most influential people in the office – the financial planners and executives. To learn more about this list, contact Reach Marketing today and get in touch with thousands of financial leaders.

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