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Pundits have predicted a return of manufacturing and processing jobs back to America, and the growth of these sectors is bearing out the truth of these forecasts. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded a net gain of more than 60,000 manufacturing jobs in the first half of 2015. With an increase in manufacturing comes growth in executive positions, and reaching these decision-makers is vital to the B2B sector. The Putman Media U.S. Business Masterfile offers access to more than 425,000 postal addresses, nearly 300,000 phone numbers, and 155,000 email addresses for CEOs, supervisors, R&D specialists, engineers, and executives across a spectrum of industries.

Based on subscribers to Putman Media’s extensive portfolio of industry journals for manufacturing, automation, and processing business executives, including Control Design, Chemical Processing, Food Processing, Plant Services, Smart Industry,Control Magazine and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, this database gives users access to audiences with whom their offers will resonate. Selectable segments ensure relevant messages that produce outstanding results and lead to lasting relationships between buyers and sellers. Choose by business and industry type, job function, region, purchase history, and other parameters to find an audience of keenly interested manufacturing and processing industry leaders.

smart-cover1The professionals who comprise the Putman Media U.S. Business Masterfile work in highly specialized fields and are sensitive to carefully selected marketing offers. They appreciate targeted, relevant content and respond well to offers that meet their specific needs.

Manufacturing and automation process professionals are increasingly reliant on technology and look for ways to gain an edge by using the latest software solutions. Offers of software and apps that give them the upper hand with improved technology catch their attention. Training, both for themselves and for their staff, and ongoing education are also areas of keen interest for them. They are always on the lookout for new work safety solutions, training opportunities for personnel, and certification offers. As many of them travel frequently on business, these professionals also look for mobile solutions and extended data plans so they can continue to work while on the move.PMmag3

Manufacturing and processing specialists are always interested in learning more about their specialized fields, and these professionals travel often to seminars, trade shows, and workshops. Invitations to conferences and conventions designed to sharpen their management skills or teach them about the latest industry standards are especially interesting to them. They also value webinars and distance learning offers that promise to hone key skills for them and their teams. Travel-related offers get their interest, particularly those related to corporate travel and accommodations.

croppedimage120159-Food-Processing-February-2015Not all the traveling these executives do is for business. Executive positions in manufacturing and process management are often lucrative, and these professionals have discretionary income to spend on leisure travel, first-class flights, and luxury hotel stays. They welcome offers that speak to their lifestyle and find travel packages to vacation destinations intriguing. When at home, they appreciate the importance of projecting the right image to clients and are willing to invest in quality office furnishings and décor.

Reach the media specialists on the Putman Media U.S. Business Masterfile and connect with some of the most influential voices in manufacturing and industry today.

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