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For B2B industries, print media publications are thriving. Professional journals, peer-reviewed publications, promotional materials, in-house content, and catalogs remain industry standards across a wide array of sectors. To meet their diverse clientele’s needs, industry leaders in media printing look to NAPCO and its collection of mastheads expressly for printing professionals. The NAPCO Media Printing Industry Professionals Database from Reach Marketing offers access to the publishing industry’s most influential company owners, C-level executives, and innovators.

The NAPCO Media Printing Industry Professionals list group contains more than 100,000 postal addresses, 88,000 phone numbers, and nearly 36,000 email addresses in a highly selectable database. Subscribers to some of NAPCO’s journals of record in the publishing industry include packagePRINTING, Promo Marketing, Print + Promo, In-plant Graphics, Target Marketing, and Printing Impressions. Together, these publications bring publishers of promotional and industrial print media the latest in insightful articles, editorials, in-depth reviews, and process overviews.

A database’s selects are as important as its overall size. With selects, users are able to reach the audience that’s most receptive and supply their leads with the most relevant offers. The NAPCO Media Printing Industry Professionals Database is readily selectable for demographic and firmographic segments including company size, geographical location, job function, and total sales volume. Rich data ensures a better alignment between B2B companies and their audiences, giving businesses access to more engaged leads.

Members of this extensive database must have thorough knowledge of a publishing sector that has seen sweeping changes over the past decade. To keep current, they typically go far afield for information, welcoming white papers, seminars, and webinars related to their industry. They understand the importance of information and appreciate offers that connect them with new opportunities to learn via journal and newsletter subscriptions in both print and electronic media. As a whole, they are tech-savvy and have evolved along with the changes that have affected the publishing world, making them receptive to technology-related offers such as process automation software and hand-held electronics.

Reach Marketing and NAPCO put you in touch with some of the professional publishing industry’s most notable leaders. Discover how the NAPCO Media Printing Industry Professionals Database can grow your audience and deliver higher levels of engagement with your leads by connecting with Reach Marketing today.

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