List Brokers Hold the Keys to Your Marketing Success…For Free

It is estimated that 40 percent of the success of your direct marketing campaign rests on the shoulders of a quality mailing list. Therefore it is critical that your offer is delivered into the hands of the right decision maker. A list broker provides targeted recommendations on which mailing lists are most likely to reach your target audience and most likely to respond to your offer.

A list broker is a third-party agent that acts as a liaison between the list owner and the list user. The list broker is a consultant to you, the list user. It is essential that your broker understands your goals not only long term, but also short term, so they can make the most appropriate recommendations. Since all brokers have access to the same lists, they differ by the service, advice, expertise, and recommendations they offer clients. We estimate that approximately 80 percent of all list rentals are made through brokers.

The broker’s key function is to provide timely and informed recommendations about which lists you should test – and why. A detailed report on each recommended list should be provided. Be suspicious of brokers who regard your request for more information as an affront or a waste of their time.

In addition to providing list recommendations and information, your broker should handle the administrative aspects of list rental and delivery, follow up on all details, and make sure your lists are delivered by deadline. Brokers do not charge list users for their services but are paid a commission from the list owner or manager; hence, there is no extra fee for renting through a broker versus going directly to the list owner.

An exceptional list broker is skillful in list research, possesses extraordinary negotiating skills, has developed strong industry relationships, is experienced at putting together multichannel marketing plans, and offers innovative marketing ideas to his/her clients. One of the best ways to find an expert list broker is through referrals. Call colleagues, associates, and others who rent lists, and ask for recommendations. Keep in mind your target market, you don’t necessarily want a great consumer broker if your model is strictly business-to-business.

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