Lead Gen Strategies You Can Implement Right Now

Lead Gen Strategies You Can Implement Right Now

From tasty take-out to e-books on demand, we’re living in an age of instant gratification. Marketers can get quick wins too by implementing some lead generation activities that start to pay dividends right away. Some of these tips take time to reach their full value, but all of them give your lead gen an instant lift.

Install a Timer

Adding a timer to landing pages or webinar sign-ups immediately creates a sense of urgency that spurs action. Limited-time offers are a known conversion booster, and a countdown in the corner of a sign-up window shows leads just how limited that time is. Timers and countdowns can also be useful motivators for anticipated content releases or product previews.

Showcase Testimonials

Popularity has enduring appeal. Letting buyers describe the value they’ve received from you in their own words can be a powerful incentive for leads to join the ranks of delighted customers. Testimonials send a strong signal of trustworthiness and good communication, too. If your business is new and you don’t yet have many testimonials, don’t be shy about asking your customers; buyers are often happy to talk about good experiences when asked directly, especially if their words appear on your website.

Make Your Website Clearer

Total site redesigns can be costly, but sometimes all you need is a little rearranging. Your visitors like instant gratification as much as you do, and they like to see what they want to find at a glance. Clear, easily visible signposts directing them to the content they want to see are helpful. So are readily accessible menus that facilitate quick jumps from page to page on your site instead of having to retrace steps with a browser’s back button. Simplicity in site design shows respect for your leads’ time, and they’ll repay it by investing more of their time with you.

Write Lists

You’re reading one now, which is a handy lesson in how much people enjoy content that’s organized into list format. Do you have content on your landing pages that would lend itself to listing? Could you turn a paragraph or two on your home page into bullet points? Lists make information easier and quicker to consume, and quick is good.

Add Content in Multiple Formats

People have different learning styles. Some prefer to get their information from reading. Others enjoy watching videos, while still others want to hear a podcast or presentation without the need for visuals. Your content can instantly become more varied with a few simple changes. Take your best blog post and think of ways to repurpose the concepts it contains. You might expand it into a white paper for your more engaged leads who want long-form content. You could turn it into an infographic for leads who like information at a glance. It might become the core of your next webinar.


Another enticing draw for visitors is interactive content. A calendar, calculator, or simple yes/no poll enables prospects to do more than passively look at the screen. Interactive tools are particularly useful when they’re a resource leads are likely to return to use again. Once they commit to interaction with you by interacting with your site or app, leads tend to think of themselves more as users than visitors, and that’s a step closer to envisioning themselves as customers.

Instant gratification isn’t always easy to get in B2B marketing, but when it comes to lead gen, you can have it today.

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