Landing Pages That Send Conversion Rates Soaring

improve conversion rates

You’re making an offer. Your leads are interested enough to click through and learn more. Yet something’s stopping them from moving to the next step, and they bounce. What’s changing their minds and keeping them from converting?

We don’t want to be rude, but maybe it’s something your landing page said. Landing pages that aren’t relevant, ask too much, or offer too little substance are doomed to fail at the one job a landing page needs to do: Convert.

Here’s what you can do to make sure your landing pages are saying all the right things.

Write the Way People Talk

Your landing page isn’t made for computers; it’s made to talk to people, so why should your copy read as though you’re addressing the latest tweak to Google’s sorting algorithms? Simple, straightforward language that doesn’t push a keyword too heavily or rest on empty jargon is powerfully persuasive. So is natural language that includes varied sentence length and word choices. We don’t talk in static sentences, so why should landing pages be written that way?

Get Factual

What have you done for your customers lately? It’s something your leads want to know, and they want to know details. It isn’t enough to say you increase efficiency. You need to tell them you increased efficiency by 42 percent over non-users’ figures. You can’t just promise speed; you have to deliver on the promise to cut wait times by 70 percent. Be more specific and less hyperbolic in your writing, and you’ll automatically stand out from the crowd shouting about “huge” savings and “tremendous” benefits.

Go Multi-Media . . .

Persuasive lead gen uses multiple ways to capture and hold leads’ attention. Add video, include links, and illustrate your landing pages. We all have preferred ways of taking in new information, so a landing page that includes many of them is ideal for getting your point across to the most visitors at once. One caveat: The more you add graphically, the simpler your text should be. Stick to a single font in a few sizes, and don’t overdo bolding, italics, or the caps lock key.

. . . But Stick to One Call to Action

No matter how much you have on the page, it should all point in one direction – straight at a single, clear call to action. If your landing page is designed to sign up leads for a webinar, everything on the page should apply to the benefits and features of that webinar, not your latest white paper download or your new e-book. Landing pages, like potato chips, are better when you have more than one, so create unique pages for each CTA you make.


Changing the text and graphics visible to leads based on industry, geographic location, and other demographic and firmographic identifiers, will instantly increase relevance – and that’s a surefire way to improve conversion rates.

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