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The more you know about your customers, the better you’re able to serve them. The tricky part is that they won’t always tell you what you need to know about them to serve their needs. It isn’t that they don’t want to; even if they’re forthcoming, they don’t always know all the firmographic and demographic data that helps you deliver outstanding service. Sometimes better service comes from observing behavioral data that leads aren’t even aware of sharing.

Data enhancement and marketing automation can fill in the gaps on customer records and allow you to treat your customers right.

Enhance and Engage

Noticing changes in others and reacting to them is one of the ways we show we’re listening. Who doesn’t feel good when a friend compliments a new hairstyle or remarks on how well your tennis lessons are paying off? Data enhancement offers companies a way to listen to changes in their prospects’ lives and react accordingly.

If your lead gets a promotion from assistant sales director to sales director, for example, you may not hear it from your lead directly. Data enhancement using additional data gathered from a master database (we use our proprietary ReachBase with more than 72 million entries) will reflect the change and update the prospect’s record. If a lead forgets to let you know about a recent move, enhancement ensures you stay in touch.

Finding Ways to Say Thank You

Appreciation goes both ways, so when a customer rewards you with business or a referral, you want to say thanks. Customers may not tell you when they’ve forwarded your email to others, but marketing automation technology lets you see and recognize customers who are sharing good news about you through tracking cookies and social listening.

When you see that certain customers are particularly good brand ambassadors, take note and reward your best buyers with a customer loyalty program, early access to new products, or premium services. Offering VIP service to your brand ambassadors rewards the people who are doing the most for your revenue while encouraging others to join them. Your marketing automation system excels at lead gen, but it’s also a powerful customer satisfaction management tool.

Make Customer Service Simple

Customers love it when their service needs get solved with a single call. Simplifying customer service starts with having all the facts in front of you so callers don’t have to waste time going over the same details they gave you on previous calls. Data enhancement can help you out here too by completing customer files with prior service data and buying history.

Many of your customers will never place a service call, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never talk with them. Follow-up calls to make sure a new customer’s happy with a purchase or check in with a longtime customer can let your buyers know that service doesn’t stop at the sale.

The more you know about your customers, the more appreciated they feel. Make data enhancement part of your customer care strategy, simplify service, and let them know how much you value them to keep your customers for life.

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