Keeping the Leads You’ve Earned

Keeping the Leads You've Earned

Much of marketing automation is geared to lead gen: lead scoring algorithms, nurture programs, and email marketing management are just a few of the tools that make customer acquisition easier. The technology’s just as effective for customer retention, but relatively few B2B companies use automation to manage customer loyalty programs.

After spending time and effort guiding leads along their buying journey, don’t waste it by leaving them alone at the finish line; keep the leads you’ve worked so hard to transform into customers with these loyalty-building tips.

Get the Data Right

One key factor in building customer loyalty is knowledge of who that customer is. Just as a friend or date would be put off if you called him or her by the wrong name, your leads will look askance at your getting the basics about them wrong. In the hands of a skilled marketing automation consultant, the technology excels at maintaining data hygiene so your customer information is accurate. Up-to-date contact information also ensures you stay in touch with your customers.

Enhance and Enrich

Your MARKETING AI® does more than just filling in the correct blanks; it also gives you access to additional details through data append services that keep you in the know about your customers. Just as a computer can enhance a fuzzy image to create a sharper picture of a scene, data enhancement through marketing automation paints a more vivid and accurate portrait of your customer. A centralized database that synchs with your CRM gives you an even more detailed picture, making sales/marketing integration a key part of any customer retention strategy.

Tracking Loyalty

Lead scoring programs aren’t just for leads who haven’t made a purchase yet. With some tweaks from your marketing automation manager, they also become loyalty monitors, watching over customer engagement and letting you know when it’s time to reconnect. With a MARKETING AI, you’re able to set up loyalty incentives and promotions automatically, and then gauge their effectiveness with real-time analytics. You’ll also gain insight into what your customers are looking into next so your sales team can get into position for up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

Building a Richer Customer Experience

To know your customers is to love them, but do they feel the love? They will if you build a user experience that’s responsive to them. With marketing automation, each buyer feels as though he or she is your top priority, thanks to personalized landing pages, email marketing, and customer service interactions. Tailored marketing messages put buyers at their ease and show them you’re truly listening to their needs. Managing that kind of individual service would be a challenge for a human staff, but for a marketing automation system, it’s part of the plan.

You’ve earned your leads; now, make sure you keep them loyal with marketing automation solutions that go beyond simple selling to create a complete, immersive user experience.

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