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Your marketing strategy should consist of a number of different channels to distribute your content/promotional offer. These diversified channels should include email, direct mail, websites, social media, print ads and video. Reach Marketing’s proven integrated marketing strategies turn those disparate channels into a single seamless campaign, delivering that message to your optimal audience.

How important is integrated marketing? Consider this: five years ago, social media was just beginning to make an impact. Today, it’s essential for finding new customers and communicating with your current customers. These vital avenues of communication are always changing, and you need a company that keeps up with changing technology and innovates strategies to benefit from these advancements. Integrated marketing also improves your brand recall when leveraged within each channel.

Think of your marketing campaign as pieces of a puzzle. We can put the pieces together for you, but we can also build around the pieces you already have in place. Customized a la carte marketing services fill in those missing pieces, giving you the specific expertise you need in one channel to reach the next stage and build a complete picture of success.

A comprehensive integrated marketing strategy is vital to the success of every business. From enterprise companies that want full-service integration across every available channel to smaller businesses that just need one piece of the puzzle to jump start or complete their marketing efforts, Reach Marketing has the right solution.