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For professionals in information and technology sectors, the only constant is change.imcovers They need to stay up to date, and Information Management magazine keeps them current. With the Information Management Magazine Subscribers Mailing List, Reach Marketing connects you with more than 216,000 of technology-based industry leaders.

The people who comprise the Information Management Magazine Subscribers mailing list work in a diverse array of industries, but they have one thing in common – a drive for knowledge. They respond well to offers of ongoing education or certification in information-based topics, online courses, seminars and webinars. Offers that pertain to tech-sector knowledge are particularly relevant to them, including other tech industry journals and magazines in either online or print form.

SourceMedia’s Information Management magazine serves more than CIOs. IT professionals, including systems analysts, data security specialists and software developers, comprise the majority of this subscriber-based list, but as technology has revolutionized other industries, the overlap between tech-based professions and other sectors has grown. Workers in accounting, banking, insurance, engineering, pharmaceutical, medical and education-based industries also have an increasing need for tech knowledge and subscribe to Information Management.

Since its 2009 relaunch, the magazine has grown to meet these subscribers’ needs with feature-length articles, case studies, web seminars and online education. Information Management hasn’t forgotten its roots in technology either, supplying a steady stream of knowledge for IT professionals who want in-depth coverage of the latest news in big data management, data security and industry events.

imtablegraphThese tech-savvy professionals also look for tools that make their busy schedules easier to manage. Productivity software, time management tools, personal organizers and apps that help them work more efficiently get their attention. As professionals who work with information and technology for a living, they typically feel at ease with electronics and are willing to be brand adventurers if they see something innovative. Smartphones, tablets, laptop computers and software offers strike a chord with them.

In competitive information-based industries, salaries are competitive too, and the subscribers in the Information Management Magazine database are willing to spend more for quality. Luxury accommodations for business and leisure travel, cruises and other high-end offers appeal to them. They also devote some of their discretionary income to others; many not-for-profit and charitable organizations find them a receptive audience.

Reach Marketing gives you access to these information-age influencers with a highly segmented, selectable database of over 216,000 mailing addresses and more than 100,000 email addresses. Find out more about the Information Management Magazine Subscribers list and learn how to connect with data management specialists by contacting us today.

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