Add industry and granular SIC data to customer and prospecting files

Pinpoint your market precisely using SIC code appends to define your audience and make sure your message is always relevant. The Industry code provides general industry categories as well as the hyper granularity of our 7-digit Standard Industrial Classification.  These coding structures describe a business entity’s industry, a key piece of data for B2B companies. Our firmographic append services give you detailed information about your audience’s prime markets through a better understanding of industry type.

Using your prospecting and customer files, we analyze company names and addresses, matching them with data in our ReachBase database. We then deliver a more complete data set to you so you can refine your message, segment your audience more precisely, and gain insight into your marketplace.

  • Industry Type: Gain insight into firmographic categories at the broadest level with industry type appends.
  • SIC 2-Digit Append: Reach a wide but well-defined audience with 2-digit SIC code appends that define broad industry categories such as manufacturing, transportation, and business services. Choose this append to gain a wide-angle view of your market.
  • SIC 4-Digit Append: Use 4-digit SIC codes to refine your market and define your audience. Pinpoint your market with accuracy and precision when you opt for 4-digit SIC code append services that describe industries in detail.
  • SIC 7-Digit Append: Identify the most granular businesses possible by using our 7-digit SIC codes. This coding structure will all you to precisely identify and reach your target audience when you implement our 7-digit SIC code append services.

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