What do your best customers have in common?
From firmographic attributes to demographic details to behavioral data, you already know a lot about your buyers and why they chose to buy. This data is your raw material for crafting customer personas. By gaining a thorough understanding of your best customers, you’re able to find more like them. Reach Marketing helps you develop your customer’s footprint so you can market more effectively to your customer clone to gain an influx of new buyers.

Some of the questions our research will answer for you include:

  • What industries are you reaching?
  • What penetration do you have into a buying site?
  • Where are your best buyers located by state, city, and ZIP code?
  • What are your most effective marketing channels?
  • How often do your best buyers buy?
  • What’s your degree of market penetration and saturation?
  • Which job titles and descriptions do your best customers have?

After developing your ideal buyer persona, our database services team will use this profile as a footprint, comparing your prospect and customer files against it to spot profiles that have the most in common with it.

Because gathering business intelligence is an ongoing process, your buyer profiles can change over time, so we review your data periodically to ensure your ideal buyer profiles remain accurate. Let us help you get to know your ideal customers, and you’ll learn how to find more like them.

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Your customer/prospecting list is only as good as the data it contains.