How Well Integrated is Your CRM?

How Well Integrated is Your CRM?

Sales/marketing integration, or SMI, connects your CRM to a centralized database. A single intuitive platform puts more customer knowledge within reach and helps you deliver outstanding service that wins you sales. Depending on your current technology and training, you may already be well on your way to full SMI, or you may have some distance to cover before you become ready for complete integration. This self-assessment tool will help you identify your state of SMI and show you how to improve it.

  1. Does your current CRM integrate seamlessly with your marketing database?
  2. Are you able to create custom fields and assign ownership of them to specific members of your sales team?
  3. Can you access lead scoring information that tells your sales team when leads are sales-ready?
  4. Can your CRM channel forward leads to specific sales representatives based on lead score, area of experience, or other criteria you choose?
  5. Does your CRM include buying behavior and the context in which the sale can take place to give you a more nuanced, insightful and detailed view of your customers?

If you answered mostly “no” or “not yet” to these questions, you can benefit by talking with a sales integration consultant who can prepare you for better sales/marketing integration. If most of your answers were “yes” or “soon,” then you’re ready to speak with a consultant who will help you take the next steps to full SMI.

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