How to Reach Top Publishing Decision-Makers

How to Reach Top Publishing Decision-Makers

From making an impact at the newsstand to expanding their online reach in the digital age, leaders in publishing are actively involved in an acutely competitive industry. They look to Publishing Executive Magazine to get the latest insight into publishing technology, market trends, strategic planning, and practical advice. With more than 11,000 postal addresses, 10,000 phone numbers, and 15,000 email addresses, the Publishing Executive Magazine Subscriber Business Mailing List from Reach Marketing lets you connect with the leaders in this hotly competitive field.

Composed of magazine and journal editors, C-level executives, sales and marketing professionals, creative services managers, audience development managers, copy chiefs, layout supervisors, e-commerce and IT developers, and other leaders in the publishing industry, the Publishing Executive Magazine Subscriber Business Mailing List reaches key decision-makers directly. These influential professionals oversee PEmagspublications across a range of industries, including B2B and consumer magazines; professional and technical journals; city and regional publications; non-profit and government journals; and association titles.

Publishing Executive magazine is part of the NAPCO Media family of in-depth industry publications. With a focus on printing, publishing, marketing, and publishing technology, the magazine contains essential information for the publishing industry’s most influential leaders.

The senior-level professionals who read Publishing Executive also participate in conferences, webinars, and seminars through the magazine and are receptive to other industry-related educational offers. Trade show and convention invitations are of particular interest to them. In their competitive industry, they’re always looking for an edge; they find it by being insatiably curious and willing to learn. Give them the opportunity to know more through distance-learning opportunities and subscriptions to industry periodicals.

Technology has transformed the publishing industry, and the professionals who comprise pegraphthe Publishing Executive Magazine Subscriber Business Mailing List have adapted to the ever-increasing pace of change in their industry. They respond to offers of consumer and industry-related technology, including mobile plans and apps, automation process management hardware and software, and productivity tools.

As executives and high-level administrators, these professionals are often high earners. They’re receptive to offers of high-end products and services for the home and office. Luxury travel and accommodations also appeal to them, particularly if their field involves regular regional, national, or international business travel.

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