How to Reach Top Business Executives

How to Reach Top Business Executives

Regulatory organizations perform essential tasks in a huge variety of industries. To maintain quality and safety, these groups implement a host of guidelines and requirements. Ensuring compliance is a complex and evolving role, and the executives in charge of it must stay on top of the latest changes to regulations. Compliance Week gives compliance officers, quality assurance supervisors, legal and financial advisors, and C-level executives in charge of compliance the information they need to meet the highest standards. The Compliance Week Subscribers Business Mailing List can help marketers connect with these decision-makers.

With more than 109,000 postal addresses, 44,000 phone numbers, and 33,000 email addresses, the Compliance Week Subscribers Business Mailing List contains influential advisors and executives from some of the world’s largest and most influential companies. These subscribers shape policy for multi-national corporations such as Exxon-Mobil, Coca-Cola, IBM, Nike, UPS, and other industry leaders. As subscribers to Compliance Week, they get to-the-minute news about compliance and regulatory guidelines, insightful commentary, and in-depth features.

The Compliance Week Subscribers Business Mailing List is a diverse list that includes accountants, attorneys, executives, and others with extensive education and training. To maintain their organizations’ high standards, they rely on continuing their education via CW-Coverseminars, tradeshows, industry journals, and other subscription-based publications. They’re receptive to offers that give them an educational edge and sharpen their industry knowledge.

The people who are most adept at aligning their organizations with regulatory guidelines while keeping costs low and revenue high are in great demand. To allow them to give their businesses the best possible outcome, compliance specialists and advisors use all the tools at their disposal, including productivity enhancers, tracking software, and apps that keep them up to date on the latest industry news. Data security is a growing concern for many organizations, and IT security software and hardware are of particular interest to this audience.

Because they work for multi-national firms and travel frequently, Compliance Week Subscribers are keenly interested in travel-related offers, including accommodations, frequent-traveler memberships, and corporate travel packages. Some also travel regionally and welcome information about mobile devices and data plans that let them stay connected whether they’re in the office, on the plant floor, or in the field.

Compliance Week keeps audiences connected with the latest regulatory information, and Compliance Week Subscribers Business Mailing List lets businesses connect with them.

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