How to Reach Key Technology Business Decision-Makers

How to Reach Key Technology Business Decision-Makers

Trade shows remain one of the most effective lead generation venues for B2B organizations, and that includes those in technology sectors. Seminars and trade shows attract some of the most influential people in these industries – the C-level executives and decision-makers as well as the engineers and developers who help create tomorrow’s technology. The SYS-CON Media Technology Masterfile managed by Reach Marketing consists of nearly 175,000 trade show and conference attendees’ email addresses and more than 82,000 postal addresses, putting database users in touch with industry-leading professionals.

SYS-CON Media is a leading publisher of IT-related trade journals, magazines, and e-newsletters since 1994. In 2001, the company leveraged that leadership to launch an events business that serves an audience of engineers, CIOs, IT directors, developers, coders, IT business owners, management professionals, and other influencers in STEM

The people who comprise the SYS-CON Media Technology Masterfile include attendees of SYS-CON events as well as subscribers to its industry journals and periodicals, including Cloud Computing Journal, Big Data Journal, Java Developer’s Journal, Wireless Business & Technology, Enterprise Open Source Magazine, IT Solutions Guide, and the Web Hosting Journal among others. For readers, these publications offer up-to-the-minute industry news, giving subscribers an in-depth look at topics in the highly specialized fields where they work. Many go on to attend SYS-CON Events conferences and trade shows to connect with other tech leaders.

The audience for the SYS-CON Media Technology Masterfile embraces technological solutions in all forms. They work with the latest tech for a living, in many cases even designing the software and hardware the rest of the world will use tomorrow. They welcome offers that honor that connection with technology, including hardware and software, IT security solutions, mobile apps and tools, and subscription-based web services. They’re equally at home with technology outside the office, so offers involving consumer electronics, mobile devices, and phone plans also appeal to them.

The tech sector tends to pay well, and the people who comprise this Masterfile often have significant discretionary income. They look for high-end entertainment and electronics offers, including home theaters, computers, and sound systems. Many of them find frequent-traveler programs relevant as they tend to be a highly mobile audience both for work and in leisure. Vacation packages and accommodations that feature tech-friendly amenities are of particular interest to them.

These leaders in technology-based industries care about the medium as well as the message. To connect with them takes a responsive, omni-channel approach that Reach Marketing offers.

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