How to Reach Human Resource and Employee Benefit Decision-Makers

How to Reach Human Resource and Employee Benefit Decision-Makers

The management, distribution, and maintenance of employee benefits are growth areas for businesses, especially those in highly competitive industries. As employers seek to attract the best and brightest personnel while keeping expenses and payroll within the company budget, managing benefits has become increasingly important. To address the growing need for information about benefits and compliance, Source Media, an Observer Capital company, offers two valuable publications to reach different segments of a burgeoning audience: Employee Benefit News and Employee Benefit Adviser. Reach Marketing manages both the Employee Benefit News and the Employee Benefit Adviser Business Databases.

With more than 270,000 names and postal addresses, the Employee Benefit News Business Database is the larger of the two. Aimed at a more general audience of HR directors, hiring managers, corporate management personnel, mid-level managers, financial consultants, and others with a broad-based interest in employee benefits, Employee Benefit News covers benefit-related topics across a wide range of industries. From articles on retirement planning to news of the latest legislative changes, this magazine keeps its readers up to date on everything related to personnel benefits. The Employee Benefit News Business Database features more than 233,000 phone numbers and more than 127,000 email addresses.

Financial advisers, investment consultants, enrollment specialists, business owners, benefit plan architects, brokers, attorneys, and others who are directly involved with employee benefits turn to Employee Benefit Adviser for in-depth information. The Employee Benefit Adviser Business Database managed by Reach Marketing consists of more than 171,000 postal addresses, nearly 163,000 phone numbers, and over 45,000 email addresses in a flexible database with many detailed selects, including revenue, company size, job function, and benefit group category. With insightful commentary and up-to-the-minute news articles, this journal reaches some of the most influential people in the industry.

Both subscriber-based databases feature audiences who are keenly interested in continuing their learning so they can stay at the forefront of their industry. These prospects respond well to offers of journal and newsletter subscriptions, seminars, and trade shows that promise to keep them up to date on the latest news in an ever-changing field.

To offer personnel the best benefits while adhering to organizational budgets and complying with regulatory guidelines, the people who comprise these databases also welcome new options in benefit plans. Offers related to retirement planning services and products, advisory services, and insurance packages help them make decisions for their organizations.

Employee benefits are often what separate a good job offer from a great one, and top talent gravitates to businesses that offer the best perks. The professionals in charge of attracting rock-star employees start with better benefits, and they get their information from Employee Benefit News and Employee Benefit Adviser. Connect with these decision-makers by contacting Reach Marketing and learning more about the Employee Benefit News and Employee Benefit Adviser Business Databases today.

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