How to Reach Fundraising Professionals

How to Reach Fundraising Professionals

B2B marketers aren’t the only people who focus on audience development, data-assisted marketing, and lead generation. These are also key elements for fundraising organizations, and technology is essential to their success. Non-profit organizers and administrators, C-level executives, political campaign managers, senior fundraisers, and other professionals whose goals include fundraising activities rely on Fundraising Technology News from Progressive Media Group to stay informed about the latest in data collection and management. Reach Marketing offers the Fundraising Technology News Subscriber Mailing List to let you connect with these decision-makers.

With more than 10,000 names and postal addresses, 9,300 phone numbers, and more than 12,500 email addresses, the Fundraising Technology News Subscriber Mailing List reaches many of the most influential professionals in fundraising sectors today. The newsletter’s content includes technology tips and trends that give insight into the latest developments, reviews to assist in choosing new products, and vendor news to help fundraisers find the best fit for them.

The professionals who make up the Fundraising Technology News Subscriber Mailing List have a great deal of control over the revenue for their organizations. They look for offers related to banking services and financial advice, benefits and insurance, and productivity tools. On a personal level, they also tend to have significant discretionary income, making them receptive to offers related to personal financial planning, luxury travel and accommodations, and high-end products and services.

Education is a key concern for professionals involved in fundraising, and they are always on the lookout for ways to train personnel and supply their target markets with educational materials. They are interested in magazine and trade journal subscriptions, invitations to webinars and conferences, distance learning opportunities, and educational apps and software. Because this list focuses tightly on the technology of fundraising, the influencers on it are likewise tech-savvy and welcome offers related to technology that makes their personal and professional lives simpler.

Learn more about the decision-makers on the Fundraising Technology News Subscriber Mailing List from Reach Marketing today and discover how you can offer new solutions to this burgeoning marketplace’s concerns.

Learn more about the Fundraising Technology News Subscriber Business Mailing List and reach top publishing decision-makers by contacting Reach Marketing today.

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