How to Reach Education Professionals


Teachers invest more than time in education; they also invest their money. In 2013, teachers in grades K-12 spent an estimated $1.6 billion in classroom tools, according to research from the National School Supply and Equipment Association. Offers of sporting goods, art supplies, classroom materials, educational models, software and academic apps will find a receptive audience among teachers and school administrators.

When they aren’t in the classroom as instructors, teachers are often in them to learn. In many states, ongoing education is a requirement to maintain a teaching certificate, and most teachers take additional coursework to stay current in their areas of expertise. Subject-related seminars and publications interest them, but they also seek new insights on general educational theory and practice. Because these extra educational requirements often leave teachers strapped for time, offers involving curriculum management tools and time-saving software are especially welcome.

Timing offers of travel to winter and summer breaks, particularly local and regional destinations that offer good value at a budget price, to coincide with these breaks can make them especially appealing.

Since 2009, Agile Education Marketing has brought dynamic, responsive marketing to an academic audience. Combining the marketing services firm’s deep knowledge of their audience with powerful data enhancement and marketing automation tools makes this list especially exciting for B2B companies and non-profit organizations that want to connect with educators.

The Agile Education Marketing Masterfile comprises teachers, district level personnel, principals, assistant principals, school administrators, librarians, coaches and superintendents within public schools, vocational schools, private schools, catholic schools, adult education schools, charter schools, magnet schools, boarding schools, and faculty and professors at universities and colleges.

Updated quarterly, the Agile Education Marketing Masterfile delivers continually telephone-verified, comprehensive, multichannel data on educators in early childhood, K-12 and higher education. For more information, please click here.

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