How to Reach Decision-Makers in Manufacturing

How to Reach Decision-Makers in the Industrial and Global Industry.

The fourth wave of the Industrial Revolution is coming, and it’s in the form of intelligent automation. Smart industry represents a leap forward in IT implementation, but staying ahead of the rapid pace of change is a challenge for business owners unless they have guidance. Putman Media’s Smart Industry magazine, along with its associated events and digital media properties, give these influential professionals the insight they need. Connect with the leaders of this transformation with the Smart Industry Subscribers Business Mailing List.

Consisting of more than 36,000 postal addresses, 32,500 phone numbers, and 25,000 email addresses, the Smart Industry Subscribers Business Mailing List includes vital data on company owners, C-level executives, IT directors, automation process administrators, smart-magsnetwork managers, systems architects, and other thought leaders at the forefront of the next industrial revolution. Smart Industry is their go-to periodical for in-depth articles, useful reports, and insightful opinions from leaders in the ICT sector. Putman Media also offers a range of events and digital content under the Smart Industry masthead, giving professionals multiple ways to grow.

The industry leaders who comprise the Smart Industry Subscribers Business Mailing List don’t just use technology; they embrace it. It’s at the core of what they do professionally, and they’re avid users of it in their personal lives as well. They respond to offers of smartphones and phone accessories, data plans, mobile technology, and leading-edge hardware and software. As executives and managers, they also welcome offers related to improving the workplace, such as productivity tools and certifications.

In an industry that thrives on newness, keeping up via trade shows, seminars, and conferences is essential. The professionals on the Smart Industry mailing list attendsmart-graph multiple events per year and respond to invitations to more. They also subscribe to other periodicals and educational offers.

Wealth often follows innovation, and that’s true in smart industry development too. The professionals who make up the Smart Industry Subscribers Business Mailing List have discretionary income and are interested in wealth management options. They’re also receptive to offers of luxury travel and accommodations.

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